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09/13/2019 The Central
08/17/2019 Brewery opening Greenlake
08/03/2019 Upper Alki Fest Annual upper Alki Fest with gorgeous views and
07/12/2019 West Seattle Summerfest ☀️☀️☀️ 4:30pm
06/22/2019 Slims Last Chance W/ Heavy Denim and Contraband Countryband
04/27/2019 Darells Tavern (North Seattle WA) W/ Little Spirits (Star Anna) and Plaid Perspective
03/22/2019 Skylark Pink Floyd Night: SWEET JESUS performs “Echoes” from Pink Floyd’s “Meddle”
03/15/2019 Southgate Roller Rink (White Center Seattle WA) Bobbys B-Day bash W/ Crazy Eyes & Wild Wild Mexico
02/15/2019 The Skylark (West Seattle WA) W/ The Black Planes, Floored Faces
01/25/2019 The Lo-Fi (Seattle WA) W/ Garden Chat
01/12/2019 The Bluemoon Tavern (U-district Seattle,WA) W/ Fahrenheist
12/21/2018 Parliament Tavern W/ The Owlheads
11/23/2018 Slims Last Chance W/ Heavy Denim, Sonic Medicine and Jack (Endino) & 2 Punks
10/27/2018 Slims Last Chance
09/01/2018 Skylark W/ Heavy Denim & Wild Wild Mexico
08/11/2018 The Sunset W/ The Spinning Whips
07/28/2018 Alki Beach Art Fair On the beach!!!!
07/26/2018 Lo-Fi Knick Knack spotlight show
06/20/2018 The Jupiter Kickin show at The Jupiter bar/pinball arcade/art gallery with friends Ghost Mode!!
06/16/2018 Darells Tavern
06/11/2018 Chop Suey Pagliacci presents: Battle of the Bands 2018
05/12/2018 Victory Lounge Seattle W/ Garden Chat
03/09/2018 Boscoe’s In Bellingham
03/02/2018 Parliament Tavern W/ Welcome Strangers
02/18/2018 The Sunset W/ The Black Ferns & The Blooms
01/19/2018 Slims Last Chance Star Meets Sea Record Release show W/ Final Body
12/01/2017 The Blue Moon Tavern W/ The Spinning Whips
10/28/2017 Skylark Halloween Come As You Aren’t party:
09/22/2017 Parliament Tavern W/ Wild Wild Mexico and Vital Body
09/03/2017 Greenwood Street Crawl 8:45 @ The Shanghai Room
08/04/2017 Chautauqua Music Fest at Vashon Eagles 7pm! With Iska Dhaaf, Grizzled Mighty, The Low Hums, Pete Droge and more.
04/14/2017 Slims Last Chance Crystals Pistols Bday bash w/ Wild Wild Mexico, Trick Candles, and Ghost Mode
03/25/2017 The Parliament Tavern W/ Amanda Navares and James Germain
03/03/2017 The Skylark Benefit show w/ Gravelroad and Michael Wohl
12/03/2016 The Blue Moon W/ Ghost Pains
10/22/2016 Slims Last Chance Sweet Jesus, Mr. Night Sky, Snakebites
10/05/2016 Axis Pioneer Square Knick Knack Pop-up store event
07/23/2016 Lucky Liquor W/ The Snakebites
07/09/2016 The Parliament West Seattle Summerfest After Party w/ Trick Candles and Ghost Pains
06/10/2016 Skylark A benefit for the ALKI Cooperative Preschool featuring Knick Knack Records artists GravelRoad, Sweet Jesus and Bart Cameron of the Foghorns http://gravelroadblues.com/ http://www.sweetjesuslovesyou.com/ http://www.thefoghorns.com/
03/30/2016 The Crocodile (Back Bar) W/ Guests
03/14/2016 The Rendezvous Birthday Bash
03/09/2016 The Sunset W/ Insects vs. Robots
02/27/2016 the LoFi w/ Crazy Eyes, Star Meets Sea, and Trick Candles...
02/04/2016 the Parliament w/ Other Matt Clark and Graham Mcrae
01/21/2016 Columbia City Theater w/ Tokyo Idaho and Red Martian
11/20/2015 the Blue Moon w/ Crazy Eyes
11/07/2015 Darrell's Tavern
10/09/2015 Substation
09/25/2015 the LoFi Record Release w/ Black Whales and Long Dark Moon
08/15/2015 Darrell's Tavern w/ Verbal Tip
07/02/2015 Conor Byrne w/ Hand in the Attic and Yves
06/13/2015 Georgetown Carnival - Elysian Brewing Stage w/ the Young Evils, the Chasers, the Bend, and more...